Tree Trimming and Stump Grinding Service

Our tree surgery services include:

Crown Reduction – This is to reduce the size/height of the canopy of the tree to gain more light, clear away from telephone cables or buildings, or to keep the tree to a manageable size.

Crown Lifting – This means to lift the lower branches to let more light into your garden, to keep clear of buildings and also to tidy up the area around and make the space more usable and accessible.

Dismantle – Removal of dangerous or nuisance trees which have become too large for the area they grow in and can cause damage to property, or are a danger to people living or commuting in the area. The use of rigging equipment is employed to safely lower the tree in sections, to avoid damage to surrounding property.

Pruning/Thinning – It is important to prune trees to keep them healthy by removing any dead wood from the tree and also any branches that cross over themselves causing damage by rubbing together and allowing infection and diseases to enter the tree. Epicormic growth should be cut back to stop the tree growing out of control.

Tree Felling – We do site clearances for our commercial clients which include felling and removal all trees and vegetation on building sites and commercial and industrial property.

Stump Grinding – Specialized removal of tree stumps with machinery so the area can be landscaped and used immediately.

Emergency Tree work – In case of storm damage or diseased trees which have fallen, we provide a call out service to quickly eliminate the imminent danger to persons and property to remove the danger.

TPO’s – We can also do all the TPO application process for you, so that we can do work on trees in a Conservation Area or trees with a TPO – Tree Preservation Order on them.